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Innovative and Dedicated Business Consulting Firm

  • ServicesLeadership and Organizational Development:  Customized business development programs using cutting-edge concepts and tools to provide effective solutions for urgent business challenges.  Vision, strategic planning, and teamwork development are critical components of the NOMDER performance improvement process.
  • Executive Coaching:  Confidential one-on-one process to assist executives and leaders improve performance and achieve their business and personal goals.
  • Customer Loyalty Improvement Solutions:  Effective solutions for improved customer loyalty, new customer growth, decreased customer complaints, increased sales, and improved profitability. 
  • Creativity and Innovation:  Develop and maximize individual and team potential, shape and sustain innovative work climates, and unleash hidden profit and growth.
  • Diversity Power Solutions:  Customized diversity solutions focused on creative inclusive processes for organizations that are committed to success in the 21st century global market.
  • Win-Win Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Facilitation:  Transform conflicts and negotiations into positive engines for personal and organizational growth.
  • Rising Stars Youth Leadership and Academic Performance Improvement:  Innovative and fun self-development process that promotes personal leadership, healthy behaviors, and the attitudes and skills required for optimal success.
  • NOMDER C-5 Solutions:  We provide Customized, Comprehensive, Creative, Caring, and Cutting-Edge solutions for business and personal challenges.
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